09th - 11th DECEMBER 2018, VIENNA, AUSTRIA

Join us to find out new communication solution approach in tourism and medicine by accepting the consumers’ experiences and opinions.


Viennese Waltz Show


Vienna Medicon Forum



18:00 - 21:00

Kursalon Hübner
Johannesgasse 33
1010 Vienna

Health Benefit Team and charity organization „…TO CHILDREN WITH LOVE“ invites to “Viennese Waltz Show” as a sign of recognition and gratitude to participants and the partners of the Health Benefit Campaign, to all those who want to assist in the realization of the project “I want to train the eyesight”, as well as for winners of the prize game “Tourism of the future – benefit for health 2018”.

08:30 - 17:00

Kursalon Hübner
Johannesgasse 33
1010 Vienna

Four hot business topics in four sessions:
– Shortage of staff,
– Investments in health,
– Reduction of sick leave,
– Data protection.
The best experts in interaction with delegates are looking for possible solutions for all business subjects, regardless of size and industry, who want to promote health and gain a positive image.

18:00 - 21:00

1010 Vienna

MD Medicon meets and greets partners enjoying the imperial atmosphere and a pleasant entertaining program.
The Imperial Ceremony is a presentation format that uses the authentic spaces of the Hofburg palace where special interviews are conducted by trained actors in the roles of historical personalities.

Ruža Tomašić
Chair of the Sounding Board

Ruža Tomašić is a Croatian politician and member of the European Parliament.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am pleased to invite you to the 2nd Convention Health Benefit in Vienna, city of tourism, a gateway to the business and culture world.
I am happy to contribute in improving communication between health and tourism, because tourism and health do not exclude each other – but they do not necessarily form a synergy!
Unfortunately the lack of information related to sick people and old people in tourism is often the reason for insecurity and reason for a passive life without holidays.
Different studies are talking about ten to thirty percent of the population that cannot travel when they need and like they need and want.
Campaign Health Benefit, which starts in 2016, enable people to make independent and objective decisions about where a vacation is possible in their health condition.
I am asked to contribute my experience in creating an international, multidisciplinary, independent sounding board with professionals working all year round. Providing opinions and solutions for sick people and their families as well as employers and the community is a mission of this sounding board.
Goal for sick people is maintenance of independence and self-determination, thereby maintaining a normal family and social life rhythm.
Goal for family, especially family caregivers are changes and adjustments in daily life, thereby maintaining a normal family life and preventing exhaustion.
Goal for employers is keeping satisfaction of staff and productivity upright at the same time. Reducing direct and indirect burden of sickness absence.
First public meeting of sounding board members will be at second Convention Helath Benefit, at 10th of December in Vienna. Sounding board will acting year around, crossing borders, managed from Insitut Hedel in Vienna.
Top experts will be challenged to provide you with their opinions and solutions in Vienna from 09th to 11th of December 2018!

Yours Ruža Tomašić, MEP


About health in the family and community, about health in tourism and investment in the health

“Well, the first thing that should be changed is perception. The family and its surrounding, the healthcare system, and politics should be included in this change.”
“The second problem is in the structure of our political organisations.”
“There are examples of so called health tourism in Slavonia.”
“The health does matter to more people than before. They are willing to actively protect their health.”
“Look, a lot of people come to me because they tried to implement a project and they couldn’t achieve a breakthrough…I assist them through the European Commission.”
“So, people need to realize that they can’t just wait and expect something just because they want it, but that they should make an effort to do it.”

Annagrazia Laura
Chair of the session "Stigmatisation in tourism"

Annagrazia Laura is a president of ENAT – European Network for Accessible Tourism

Zrinka Lovrenčić
Chair of the session "Healthy image"

Zrinka Lovrencic is one of the Directors and a member of the management consulting team at Great Place to Work® Australia.

Gerhard Pöttler
Chair of the session "Healthy business"

Dr. Gerhard Pöttler is a doctor of laws and author of the book “Health care in Austria” as well as founder of NGO „School on Beach“.

Andrea Vincenzo Braga
Chair of the session "Telemedicine"

Dr. Andrea Vincenzo Braga is chairman of the Austrian Scientific Society for Telemedicine & eHealth and vice-president of the Swiss Society for Telemedicine and eHealth.

Stigmatization in tourism

Financial impact on stigmatization of sick people in tourism:
Investment for health – hidden opportunities!

Healthy Image

Employee motivation or customer

What is more important?

Healthy Business

Buying health vs. prevention:
How to reduce long-term sickness absence in your business?


Visits to the doctor vs. telemedicine:
Protect patient privacy and
data security!